Day 44 – Hood River, OR and Coeur d’Alene, ID again

Our goal on this day was to make as much progress towards Whitefish, Montana as possible. We had gotten in touch with an old colleague from Michigan, who now lives in Whitefish, and had been invited to stay with them for a few days. The idea of showers, furniture, a kitchen, and all the other trappings of a home was exciting. We didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

We did have some work to do, and went to Kickstand Coffee again. We had some breakfast and coffee, and then Shelby and Alexander went to the skate park, while I worked on their outdoor patio. While working their, I managed to run into two friends on their way to guide a group of mountain bikers on the local trails. After work, I got to head to the skate park too, and watch skaters much better than myself, many of them half my height.

Before too long, we had to head east. As we headed out we began our usual routine of looking for the next place to camp. Somewhere around Spokane, we called Camp Coeur d’Alene, and got one of the last spots for the night. This would be our second visit, and it’s conveniently located on the route to Whitefish. Although it can be a little smokey, it is reasonably priced, has pool, a camp kitchen, and nice bathrooms with showers. It’s hard to beat.

Our only real stop on the way was the Coeur d’Alene skate park once again. It’s a fun skate park, and it’s hard to pass up. After a quick session, we went straight to our campsite. We were treated to a nice sunset over Lake Coeur d’Alene as we drove to the campground.

Distance: 345 miles

Time: 5 hours

Vanlife Reality: Lots of driving, meals on the go, insects, etc.

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