Day 42 – Mount Shasta and Klamath Falls, OR

One of the downsides of dispersed camping, and not having a kitchen in the van is having to cook on the ground. Of course, we could bring our own table with us, but we’re not quite that prepared. It’s now on the list of must have items.

The cool weather at altitude was nice, and after eating we heading back into the town of Mount Shasta for some skateboarding. The Mt. Shasta skate park is located in Shastice Park on the east side of town. The skatepark is pretty nice, especially for a town of it’s size. We spend a couple of hours skating there, with just a few other folks.

From Mount Shasta, we drove north up to Klamath Falls, were we found a coffee shop to get some work done, and answer/delete all the usual emails we’d missed over the past day. Brevada Brewhouse was a nice place to get some coffee, a bit to eat, and get some work done. There’s plenty of space, and plugs to power your laptops. One of the friendly owners filled us in on the closest skiing, the trails, and of course, the local skate park. The skate park is located in Steen Sports Park, and is pretty impressive…maybe even huge and intimidating. There are a lot of big features, and enough good skaters to intimidate me. Alexander thought it was great though.

After the skate session, we needed to head north, and find a place to camp. We thought the area between Klamath Falls and Bend looked most promising. The Lava Flow campground we’d previously stayed at was located in the area, and there were a few others that looked promising. This time we ended up at the Prairie Campground. It was a pretty nice campground, with a creek nearby. During the ride, Alexander had been working on a project in the backseat. When we got setup at the campsite, we were treated to a show at the picnic table. I’m not sure where he came up with the idea, but it was pretty fun and creative.

Distance: 208 miles

Time: 4 hours

Vanlife Reality: Squeezing in a bit of work, between campsites and skate park visits.

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