The next morning, we cancelled our planned hike, and headed to Jackson. We stopped at the visitors station for Grand Teton N.P. on the way toward town, and learned a bit about the park, including it’s history. Then we made our way into town for coffee, WiFi, food, and better (drier) accommodations.

We went to the nightly shootout, a book store, and then had a hot meal at Thai Plate. It was pretty good, and hit the spot on a cold rainy evening. Afterwards, we headed for our respective accommodations.

Our friends grabbed a cabin at a resort, while we camped out at the Virginian, an overpriced piece of grass to park our van. But, what would we expect in Jackson, Wyoming, the most unequal city in America? At least it had a hot tub and electricity. It had already rained all day, and then turned to snow over night.

Distance: 25 miles

Time: 2 hours

Vanlifereality: Cool places like Jackson are really expensive. Vanlife means last minute logistics changes due to weather, traffic, etc. Rain, rain, rain.

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