After another round of goodbyes, we headed south for the Bay Area for a family visit. It was a quick trip, as it was in the opposite direction of where we were wanting to go next. At this point we had really narrowed down our list locations to call home. Even though there are plenty of other locations we didn’t check out, we were pretty certain it was going to be further north. Current contenders included, Hood River, Oregon, Whitefish, Montana, and Missoula, Montana. Trails, skiing, and a good skate park were all important. Or course there were more important considerations, but those were the things that separated the locations we were considering from the ones we weren’t. Oh yeah, we also had to be able to afford to live in a place in order to consider it. Sure, Breckenridge, Colorado is cool, but we couldn’t afford it.

We could never afford the Bay Area, and though it has trails, it’s too far from skiing. So, our trip was strictly for family. Besides visiting family, we also went to Indian Rock Park, and the Berkeley Skate Park.

Distance: 50 miles

Time: half a day

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