Our third day was spent exploring Yellowstone. Though we did drive through the park a bit, it was nice not to be on the road heading to a new destination for most of the day.

We spent the day with friends and neighbors from our, now old, neighborhood. We went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and the Lamar Valley area, which is also known as the North American Serengeti. We saw tons of bison, some antelope, elk, and black bear. We also saw some idiots in the faces of bison. This was just after reports of someone being injured by bison because of getting too close.

While parked-in in a pull over in the Lamar Valley, we had a very close visit by a bison. This made Alexander very nervous, as it was on his side of the van. Fortunately, we were smart enough to stay in the van, and not hang out the window, or otherwise antagonize the bison. It just wanted to scratch it’s head on the wood parking rail.

The previous night, some camp neighbors were watching television, REALLY LOUDLY. So loudly, that our friend had to go ask them to turn it down. This became a common theme, and a part of the #vanlifereality that we joked about frequently. Unless you camp in the middle of nowhere, camping is not often quiet and peaceful. People are obnoxious as heck.

Distance: Approximately 150 miles

Time: All day

Vanlifereality: Camping is not peaceful and quiet. Bring earplugs. Also, people are dumb, and even when told not to get close to dangerous wildlife, they will. Finally, the cell coverage in the mountain west sucks. Trying to answer client emails from the Canyon Village, which supposedly has WiFi, was painful at best.

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