Day 39 – Redwoods National and State Parks

In the morning we left the Emerald Forest Campground and drove to the Thomas H. Kuchel visitor center to begin our day. We got some maps and hiking recommendations, watch a documentary film, and headed out. We spent the next several hours hiking and exploring the Redwoods off of Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. We did a loop including the Foothill Trail, Cathedral Tree Trail and Prairie Creek Trail. The scenery is, of course, stunning, and everyone loved it. There was plenty to keep the kids engaged, including trees to climb on, over, under, and around. There are huge trees everywhere you look, and that makes for plenty of shade, which is nice on a sunny summer day.

We finished up the hike at the Prairie Creek visitor center, not far from our vehicles. The scenic Trinidad State Beach was our final destination before heading back to the Emerald Forest Campground for another night. The Trinidad State Beach is really nice, and large enough that it wasn’t overly crowded. Fog came and went during the late afternoon revealing seastacks, blue skies, and the sun. It was a great end to an enjoyable day.

Distance: 54.3 miles

Time: All day

Vanlife Reality: None?

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